Grease & Lubricant

Additives for greases and lubricants such as extreme pressure, anti-wear, antioxidants, etc. Learn More.


Additives for natural, nitrile, and SBR latex such as antioxidants, accelerators, cure packages, etc. Learn More.

Water Treatment Additives

Additives for water applications such as biocides, metal precipitates, anti-scale polymers, etc. Learn More.

Paving Industry

Tiarco Chemical offers a range of Asphalt Emulsions. ULTRAPAVEĀ® specializes in Asphalt Cement Modification, Asphalt Emulsion Modification, as well as novel technology in Aggregate Treatments and Reduced Tracking Tack Coats. Learn More.

Pigment Dispersions

Tiarco Chemicals coloured aqueous pigment dispersions have been developed to meet the special needs of our customers.Ā Learn More.

Disinfectant Sanitizer

Tiarco Chemical offers a range of Disinfectant Sanitizers. Learn More.